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It's Yanks-Red Sox: Hope you're not busy this weekend

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It's Yankees-Red Sox this weekend, and that means you might as well plan a solid four-hour block of time to watch the games each day.

You know that the whole length of game thing, and how the Yanks and Red Sox play slower than everyone else, will be discussed so much this weekend it might make you turn off the sound.

Well, the New York Times selected a 3-hour, 46-minute, game between the rivals, busted out a stopwatch, and examined exactly what happened between each pitch. It's a fascinating review of how much unnecessary fiddling around happens between pitches. Oh, and the NYT found 53.7 minutes of commercial breaks. I think that has something to do with the length of games, too.

  • Dallas Braden Not Done Talking About A-Rod
    Braden, the Oakland pitcher who challenged Alex Rodriguez when he ran across the pitcher's mound, is still yapping at the Yankee star. You know, Braden's comments didn't annoy me. He wants to compete, and he can say what he wants. The interviewer in this clip ticked me off. Hey, pal, Interviewing 101. Ask questions, don't make speeches. We hear more of you than we do of Braden here.
  • Palmer, Blyleven, Gossage talk about unwritten rules
    Sometimes I wish former players would just keep quiet about the way things used to be, and stop criticizing current players for how they are. Even when they are right, they sometimes sound like whiny old men who can't let go of the past.

    In this case, though, Jim Palmer, Bert Blyleven and Goose Gossage provide a fascinating window into how pitching, and the art of protecting your teammates, has changed.

  • ESPN's Johnette Howard looks at the emergence of Brett Gardner.