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Around the Yankees Galaxy - Memorial Day Edition

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-What an odd week it's been. The Yankees won a game in which they only scored once, lost a game in which they scored 11 times, and threw in some tremendous pitching from AJ and Phil to go with some horrendous pitching from CC and Joba.  Despite some ups and downs, the Yankees actually won both series they played; that's what good teams do.

There are plenty of reasons to be happy.  Derek Jeter is definitely working his way out of his May slump, Phil Hughes is pitching like one of the five or ten best pitchers in the AL, and we won't be seeing any more Randy Winn at-bats.  Even better, the Yankees gained ground on the Rays.

It's still a long season, but think of all the Yankees who have seriously underperformed so far - Vazquez, Jeter, Teixeira, most of the bullpen - and remember that the team is still playing .600 baseball.  As these guys bounce back, watch out American League.

-To say Joba's had some rough outings this month would be an understatement, but let's not be unreasonable.  He hasn't allowed a run in 16 of his 22 appearances so far, his strikeouts are up, his walks are down, and his "stuff" is clearly there, at least most of the time.  Opponents are hitting .373 when they put the ball in play, though, and number has to come down, doesn't it?   The Yankees need to allow him to work through this, because my money is on his ERA being south of 4.00 when the season is over.

-River Avenue Blues gives a nice rundown of how some Yankee prospects are doing in Tampa.

-It's About the Money takes a look at how the Yankees have done with runners in scoring position so far this season.  The more these situational hitting statistics get broken down into categories and sub-categories, and the more divergent they become, the less faith I put in any of them.  Hitting is hitting, and all the rules about sample sizes still apply.