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New York Yankees 7, Cleveland Indians 3: Thank You Teixeira

Mark Teixeira got his first RBI's on a hit in a long, long time today. It just happened to be that those RBI's were the game winning ones, as the Yankees defeated the Indians 7-3. Good A.J. Burnett showed up for today's ball game, striking out eight and walking zero. Burnett gave up one earned run over eight innings and then Mo closed it out for the Yankees.

Teixeira hit a three-run home run in the bottom of the seventh when the Yankees were down 3-2. Teixeira put his arm up and fist pumped as he watched the ball fly over the left field fence. Derek Jeter also got a big two-run single and Curtis Granderson kept the inning alive with a double off a left handed pitcher.

Comment of the Game: YankeesJets' New York QB joke.

Play of the Game: Mark Teixeira's three run shot, obviously!