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An Opposing View of Yesterday's Game

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I was in attendance at yesterday's game, as was Ed. I didn't know he was going, so I prepared my own post about the atmosphere in the stadium during the game. Once I saw his post, I did a complete 360 and will now write about my view of the game in comparison to Ed's. I'm not calling Ed out in any way, just pointing out the differences.

This was my first Yankees game of the season. I went with my dad, who's a pretty old guy, and first got the tickets the night before the game. I plan on going to about 4 more games this season. Anyway, I would put this up there with one of the best games I've ever been to. Don't forget I've been to 2009 ALDS Game 2, A-Rod's Walk-Off Grand Slam Game, Melky's Walk Off Single last year, and many notable player debuts. Obviously, I rank this game behind those, but I put it in front of games such as Felix Hernandez vs. Roger Clemens (Mariners won 7-2).

The game did not bore me at any point. At no point did I feel like getting up and leaving. The fans in my area were loud most of the game, whether it be in booing or cheering. The first few innings were uneventful, until Huff got the line-drive off the head. The fans in my section had no idea what was going on. We saw a line drive to right field then looked to see if Swisher scored. At that point we saw Huff lying on the mound, face down. Among the reasons I heard from the crowd were "maybe he had a heart attack" "maybe he got stung by a bee and is allergic" "maybe he fainted." We would later find out the true reason, and give Huff what was probably the loudest ovation of the entire game.

 Then came the Indians. The Indians came roaring back with a seven run inning. The boo birds were chirping louder than I've ever heard them at Yankee Stadium. Joba was leaving the mound and I'm pretty sure I heard a fan behind me yell "GO BACK TO GUAM," whatever that means.

At no point did I want to boo, or leave the game, as my dad suggested basically every five minutes throughout the game. When a player struggles, how does booing help? Do players say "oh man they're booing now next time out I gotta be perfect" If they do, they'll struggle even more I bet. Baseball players are only human. I understand booing someone with a humungous salary, but that is not the case in Joba Chamberlain. I will never boo a player on my favorite team. It is a pointless, childish act, in my opinion.

Finally, I had a great time at the game. The fans were loud and interested in the game, and made me proud to be a Yankees fan with the way they acted when Huff got hit. Ed made the following points in his post:

But, the booing was about more. This was a bad -- really bad -- baseball game.

  • It took 4 hours, 22 minutes.
  • There were an unbelievable 402 pitches thrown.
  • There were 13 walks combined by the two pitching staffs.
  • There were three batters hit by pitches.
  • There were two delays caused by injured pitchers. Thank God Cleveland's David Huff is going to be OK, but in the end the delays still added to the frustration of the fans.
  • There was Brett Gardner getting picked off first base.
  • There was an obviously uncomfortable CC Sabathia taking what seemed like about five tortured minutes between each pitch he threw.
  • There was Manager Joe Girardi bringing in an obviously unprepared Sergio Mitre to pitch when David Robertson left with a back strain in that fateful seventh inning.


My response: Who cares? It's baseball. Maybe my love for the game is just insane and I need help, but I thought this was a great game and nothing can change that. Lead changes, crowd noise, spending a day at the ballpark with my dad: nothing's better. My dad may have wanted to kill me for staying the whole game, but I only wanted to kill Lou Marson for those three doubles (not seriously, of course)