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Around The Yankee Galaxy: Joba Chamberlain To The Pen!

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Yes, he pitched poorly, but so did most of the team. And booing him as he continued to struggle certainly didn't help. Did the fans think he didn't realize he wasn't pitching well? It's not like he's not putting effort in. The only time I condone booing a Yankee is when they don't exert effort (think Hanley Ramirez). Joba is a big part of the future of this team, and he's going to have growing pains (after all, he's just 24). But really, who am I kidding? Yankee fans have booed Derek Jeter for Cervelli's sake! If he's not immune, no one is.

  • Dave Robertson is day-to-day with a strained back. It flared up after one pitch to Jhonny Peralta, and D-Rob thinks it's related to taking a Joe Mauer liner off his back in Tuesday's game.
  • Uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg took his first Triple-A loss and allowed his first pro homer in the same game against the Scranton Yankees. The longball came off the bat of none other than Rene Rivera (who else?).

Nearly 50 games into the season, Cano leads the Yankees in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, hits, runs scored, home runs, doubles, total bases and runs batted in...

"I would hate to put a ceiling on him because I'm not sure what it is," Manager Joe Girardi said. "I would hate to shortchange him."

We haven't seen a Yankee ascend to his prime since at least Alfonso Soriano. It's refreshing.

  • Curtis Granderson looked good after his return to the lineup on Friday and reported no soreness. He rode the bench yesterday for three reasons -

[He'd] played back-to-back days with his rehab assignment, it was a day game after a night game and the Yankees [were] facing left-hander David Huff.

No reason to worry.

  • Roy Halladay threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history; and honestly, I'm happy for the guy. He's a fierce competitor, an incredible pitcher, and, unlike a lot of pitchers that combine the two, isn't a douche bag.