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Around the Yankees Galaxy 5/3/10

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  • I want to take a moment to give credit to Brett Gardner.  I'll admit, I was a doubter going into the season.  I didn't think he'd hit for a high enough average or walk enough to pass muster on offense.  So far, I've been wrong.  Now, I understand he won't sustain a .370 BABIP for the season, but he doesn't have to.  All he has to do is what he did in the minors - sustain a .320 BABIP, walk 10% of the time, and successfully steal bases 90% of the time - and he'll be an asset at the plate.  His presence in the #9 hole gives the Yankees a double leadoff hitter effect, and his stellar performance so far has helped offset the slow starts by both Nick Johnson and Mark Teixeira.
  • It's About the Money beholds the mighty Cano.  Now, we know that he's playing over his head, but how far?  His BABIP stands at .361 after Saturday's game, which is virtually identical to what he posted in 2006.  His line drive rate, while higher than last year's, isn't outrageously high or so far out of line from his career numbers.  He's even walked 8 times already (a lot for him).  Granted, I doubt that 30% of his flyballs will continue to leave the park, but sustainable or not, this hot streak counts, and I'm beginning to think that a .350/.400/.550 season (and MVP discussion) is a real possibility.
  • LoHud reports that Javier Vazquez is no sure thing to start against the Red Sox in Fenway on Friday.  With the off-day Thursday, his start could be skipped and Phil Hughes could toe the rubber for the opener. 
  • River Avenue Blues gives a quick update on some Yankees minor leaguers.