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More Like Bases-FULL MVP: Cano Slam Leads Yanks To 8-2 Win

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Robbie Cano put the game out of reach with a grand-slam in the seventh (breaking the team out of it's offensive slump?), but this was really about Phil Hughes. The Phranchise got back on track in his breakout season with seven innings of two-run ball. He also struck out eight (including the first five Indians) with just one walk allowed.

Granderson looked great back in centerfield, tracking down fly-balls in the gaps. He tried to bunt against a lefty in the seventh, but quickly fell behind 0-2. Ironically, when he had to swing, he lined a double to right-center.

It's great to be getting back these injured players like Grandy and Swish. The lineup was sorely lacking without them (though Pena for A-Rod nullified the gain of Grandy for Winn/Russo/Thames).

The Yanks should send a thank you card to CB Bucknor, who gave them the benefit of two close calls at firstbase. Cano looked out on his infield single in the second, and Jason Donald looked safe on his groundout in the seventh. If I was on the Indians, I'd be pissed.*

Play of the Game: Swish's two-run shot off the foul pole in the second (+15%).

Comment of the Game: Edgware, primarily for his admonishment of Hughes for striking out too many batters (then the Ben-Hur reference sealed it).

* I can't help recalling the 10th inning of Game One of the 1998 ALCS, when Travis Fryman ran way out of the baseline on a dribbler and Tino threw into his back. The ball rolled into rightfield and Chuck Knoblauch watched it as the go-ahead run scored... Ok, then years later (Game Five of the 2005 LDS), Cano was called out for running out of the baseline (by everyone's favorite umpire, Joe West), representing the tying run. Yes, I recalled the '98 incident as soon as the '05 one happened. I remember crap like that.