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Put Out An APB For The Yankee Offense ... and For Mo

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Minnesota's Target Field seems to be major league's baseball's newest replica of Yellowstone National Park. Or, the American League version of Citi Field.

It's a beautiful place, for sure. But, it's also a humongous outfield where home runs are sent to die on the warning track.

Which makes it pretty amazing that the two games the Yankees won Wednesday were via home runs. Derek Jeter in the first game and Nick Swisher in the second game.

How ticked off do you think Minnesota's M&M Boys, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, were by that? Especially by Jeter's home run, which found out via the left-center field power alley the Twins' stars have been unable to reach?

What is going on with the Yankee offense, by the way? A grand total of 13 runs in their last five games. Have they gotten Nick Johnson-itis, and forgotten what those sticks they carry to the plate are for?

Mark Teixeira's batting average is a puny .210. I really can't decide -- either Pat Burrell has somehow morphed his way into Tex's body, or Mark is spending too much time with Randy Winn.

Robinson Cano has 10 RBI the entire month of May, and has not driven in a run in six games.

Alex Rodriguez has one, yes one, little RBI since driving in four runs May 18 against Boston.

Brett Gardner has seen his average plummet 32 points in the last week. GGBG hasn't even stolen a base since May 15. And he has even hit into a few double plays during that span. What's up with that? At least he hit a key triple in the regular game Wednesday.

Thank God the Yankees can pitch a little bit. Or maybe, after watching Target Field swallow up what I thought were a few sure home runs by the Twins Wednesday, including one in the ninth inning of the suspended game against Mariano Rivera, I should be saying Thank God for cavernous Target Field.

What is with all these baseball teams lately, building stadiums that have playing dimensions roughly the size of a New York City borough? They don't like home runs? And they like putting fans who pay good money about three miles from the action? I don't get it.

More importantly, I don't get what is going on with Rivera these days. I thought the two-week layoff he had a while back affected him, and that once the rust wore off we would see the real Mo.

Yes, he recorded two saves on Wednesday. Neither one was classic Mo, though. He actually got pretty lucky in both games, having Target Field's dimensions save him a game-tying home run in the first game and having a Denard Span rocket find Cano's glove for a game-ending double play in the second game.

I can't remember seeing Mo struggle so much to throw strikes, and then just lay so many fat pitches right down the middle when he does throw strikes. It has always been Rivera's ability to place the ball in unhittable spots that has made him special. Right now, he is not able to do that.

Oh, and I have to comment on Kevin Russo. Our man Brandon is absolutely correct that Russo should stay on the roster Friday when Curtis Granderson returns from the disabled list. Wave goodbye to Winn, who has had a nice career but obviously has very little -- if anything -- left in the tank.

In fact, I not only think Russo should stay, I think we might have to nominate him for cult hero status pretty soon. Francisco Cervelli is always No. 1 on the cult hero list around here. Russo, however, is getting pretty close to being 1a. You just have to love the guy.