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New York Yankee Notes: Suspension Winners And Losers

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Give A.J. Burnett points for getting through five shutout innings in the rain on a night when he did not have his best command. Oh, and give him credit for honesty, too.

Since the suspended game is currently 0-0, Burnett can be in line for a win if the Yankees can score some runs this afternoon in the top of the 6th -- even though he won't be pitching. And he knows it.

Hey, when you are a starting pitcher you take a win any way you can get it.

The biggest loser Tuesday night? The Twins' fans who went to the game, can't get a refund and don't have a ticket to today's action.

It was the first suspended game at Target Field and it will resume Wednesday at 4:05 p.m., with one catch. Only fans with tickets for Wednesday's regularly scheduled game, at 6:10 p.m., will be admitted

The Twins cited MLB rules, which state rain checks are not available for any suspended game if five innings have been completed. There are also no refunds.

"It's far from a perfect scenario for anyone," Twins president Dave St. Peter said. "I fully understand that."

Here's video of Tuesday's Squirrel Attack during the game. Way to move, Brendan Harris.

Target Field Squirrel (via EpicPotatohead)

Tuesday night's Comment of the Game goes to 'Lord Duggan' for his Steve Phillips art work.