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New York Yankee Notes: Cashman discusses slide

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Here is General Manager Brian Cashman on the state of the recently-struggling New York Yankees.

"We're just not playing good baseball right now and when you're playing professional teams you have a chance to lose a number of games," Cashman said Monday. "I think it's just been a number of different things right now going wrong all at once.

"Our starting pitching out of the gate, for the month of April, was terrific. The last two turns, they haven't been as good, and coinciding with a number of injuries and some guys not hitting that are healthy, it's a lot of different things adding up to us not playing as well as we can play... . April went really well for us, but May obviously hasn't been as kind."

  • I have always been one to defend Derek Jeter's defense. Even I won't argue, however, with the assertion that these days Jeter looks stuck in the mud on anything hit to his left. He had improved on those the past couple of seasons, but undeniably his range is declining.
  • A statue for Yogi.

    "It looks great," the 85-year-old Berra said Monday after the statue rendition was unveiled at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center. "I didn't know I looked that good."
  • Hey, Curtis, save the big hits for the Bronx. Please!