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Mets 6, Yankees 4: Another Melancholy Recap

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I know what the talk show hosts will say, what the bridge jumpers will hear, what the panic mongers will think.

This recap is not for you.

Here's some averages for the Yankees from last season:

5.65 runs per game, 9.9 H/G, 4.1 BB/G

This season:

5.63 runs per game, 9.6 H/G, 4.3 BB/G

Re-read those numbers.

Now we can talk about tonight's game.

Another night, another late rally just short.  The 3-4-5 hitters went 3 for 13.  The Yanks managed 9 runs for weekend.  Hard to win much when that's how the offense is performing, but don't forget that the previous week, the Yanks averaged 6.7 runs per game.

Do I think that Tex should get a day off?  He's played every game so far this season.  He looks like he's thinking about every swing.  I'd like to see what Juan Miranda can do- I'm not pinning the season to him, but he's already better offensively than Winn in my mind.  On the other hand, Tex had a solid hit and an infield single tonight.

Just as importantly, CC Sabathia allowed 2 homers in only 5 innings of work.  The night after Hughes was mediocre, Sabathia was even more so.  I remember Jim Kaat talking about it's alright to miss your spots out of the zone, but you can't afford to miss over the plate.  CC did what he couldn't afford to do, and the good hitters on the Mets (yes, they've got a few) made him pay.

For the sake of my own desire to vent, the benches were warned when Mitre hit Jason Bay with a curve ball.  You can argue all you want, but I want the rules applied equally.  Two Yankees had to duck out of the way of wild pitches in the 9th inning, and the umps never twitched.

Comment of the Game: Again to long time listener talking about Joe Morgan, with the silver medal going to FreeBradshaw's thought on the possibility of a Joe G ejection and the ensuing antics.

Play of the Game: Cora's 2 RBI single with 2 out in the second.