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Mets 5, Yankees 3: Seriously Disappointing

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The hardest thing about being a baseball blogger is that even the best team will lose roughly 60 times a season, and sometimes, there's just not much to say about a loss.

The weakened Yankee offense ran into a buzz saw in Mike Pelfrey.

Phil Hughes wasn't unstoppable, but he was good enough to keep the Yanks in the game.  4 runs in 5.2 on 117 pitches.

Pelfrey kept the Yanks off balance for 6 innings, and though they threatened against all the Mets' relievers, they never got the big hit they needed to climb back into the game.

They picked up a pair of runs in the 8th, and they put the tying run on second again in the 9th, but but like so many Yankee losses of the last week, the rally turned out to be too little, too late. 

Play of the Game:

Comment of the Game: long time listener took scoreboard watching to a whole new level tonight.

Play of the Game: David Wright's RBI single in the first swung the odds of victory 10% of the way towards the Mets.