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The Tools of Ignorance: Saturday News

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Javier Vazquez was great last night, but a botched bunt bloodied his finger.  The x-rays came back negative, and it sounds like he should make his next start.

There is a little concern in the comments of last night's game over Mo's recent struggles.  I'm not worried.  He's faced good hitters lately.  Last night he missed his spots.  Before that he had to try to make up for an error.  Maybe he's not 100% back from the injury to his side, but I have faith he'll be fine.

Curtis Granderson is headed to Scranton for the week, and he hopes to be back in the big league lineup next Friday to face the Indians.

You want more proof that injuries are just a part of baseball? Brad Penny strained his back hitting a grand slam.  Andre Either went from leading to the world in hitting to hitting the DL.  Cliff Lee still doesn't look right after rushing back from injury, Jimmy Rollins is out with another calf injury.  Grady Sizemore is quickly becoming another Pete Reiser.  The Mets put Jon Niese and John Maine on the DL within days of each other.  Josh Beckett hit the DL after leaving the game against the Yanks.

The Yanks have done well weathering the storm of injuries over the last month, hopefully this means that everyone can come back healthy for the rest of the season.

The book review of Steinbrenner is out.  I want to read it, so maybe this is a good time to revive the PA Book Club.  Anybody interested?