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Yankees 2, Mets 1

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The only news is good news tonight.

Javy was brilliant: 70 pitches over 6.0 scoreless innings.  He hurt his finger laying down a bunt, but the xrays came back negative.

The least shall be first: Kevin Russo came up, started in left field, and laced a 2 RBI double down the right field line to break the tie.  What kind of great story is Russo?  A Yankee fan from West Babylon, he recorded his first career hit in the Subway Series, then delivered the decisive blow

The Yanks played solid defense, with a couple stand out plays.  For me the highlight was Cervelli gunning down Alex Cora.  The DP in the 5th was pretty sweet, too.  Mo made a leaping stab (before things got interesting) that was pretty impressive for an old guy.

But let's bring the evening back to Javy Vazquez.  He pounded the strike zone, worked quickly and mixed his pitches well.  Maybe he was less nervous facing the punchless Mets offense, knowing that the pitcher's spot is never far away.  But I think this is just the guy we should be seeing- he seems to me like he's found his release point, and with it, he's found his control. 

This is a guy who has averaged 2.2 BB/9 over the last 4 seasons.  This season, he's still at 4.75 per nine, but after two strong starts in a row, I think we might need to measure his stats starting in May.

Here's hoping he doesn't miss any time.

Play of the Game: Cervelli reaching on the two-base error in the 7th, putting runners on 2nd and 3rd with none out, actually improved the Yanks' chances of victory by 17.3%.  Russo's followup double was worth 13.4%

Comment of the Game: Duggan's exchange with jramey was both hilarious and a wonderful foreshadowing.

The Rays lost to the Astros, the BoSox lost to the Phillies, and the Jays are trailing the D-backs by 5.  So the Yanks are 4 back in the division, and the Jays trail the Yanks by 2.  And the Red Sox are building toward a double digit deficit.