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Can One Player be More Important Than the Team?

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This is a post that I never really planned on writing, my friend suggested that I write this in the wake of the Hanley Ramirez not running hard and Jesus Montero not running hard controversies. The question in the title has a pretty obvious answer. (Or at least I think it does)

I'm not going to lie and say I was the star of my little league team, because I wasn't. As a matter of fact, my greatest game in little league was based upon my tendency to hustle. I remember one game I ran so hard I didn't notice the hit was a home-run and I sprinted around the bases and slid home.

The moment was the game I hit a bunt triple. Yes, a bunt triple, without any errors. The bunt was basically a hard groundball that hit off of first base. The right fielder for whatever reason was playing deep and the first baseman was playing in to field the bunt. I rounded first and went to second because the ball was between the two fielders. The third base coach gave me the signal to keep running so I assumed an error had been made. Apparently, neither fielders ran after the ball and my hustle allowed me to keep going. I would later score and we would win by one run.

If I hadn't ran hard we likely would have lost that game and I wouldn't have a very strange story (and sort of depressing that I was that bad at baseball) to tell.

Enough about me, though. This is a matter of maturity. Jesus Montero likely would not have been called up yesterday even if he had ran out that groundball, but it certainly had some help in making the decision. Kudos to Dave Miley for taking him out and not being worried about how the upper management would think of it.

Hanley Ramirez, on the other hand, went as far as to blame his manager and teammates for not being as good as him. Ramirez eventually apologized after being benched by his manager for a game. It certainly wasn't sincere.

Many times in sports we have players thinking they are above the team. My question to you, the readers, is how would you prevent such feelings from players? (No, getting a better team is not the answer I am looking for) Discuss!

P.S.: Very sorry about the lack of posting from me the past month or so, dealing with some issues with the blood flow in my right arm...I would think typing isn't helpful for it (doctor said minor usage is best idea) but I'll try to keep writing as much as possible!