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Around the Yankee Galaxy: The Yankees are NOT the most hated team in MLB

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A Nielsen survey lists the Cleveland Indians as the most hated team in MLB. The Red Sox come out in second while the Yanks don't show up until the fifth spot. That's hard to believe, especially when the Reds are third and the Astros are fourth. In my experience, the Sox and Yanks are first and second, in no particular order.

  • The Wall Street Journal counted the amount of time each Yankee took to round the bases after a homerun. A-Rod was last (at 24.9 seconds) with Granderson in first (18.8 seconds). Of course, this should be qualified by the fact that A-Rod often hit 'no-doubters' while Granderson played in a park which made it difficult to tell when the ball would clear the wall.
  • Javy Vazquez' problems are due primarily to faulty mechanics, according to Frankie Piliere -

What's behind his struggles? Asserting that it's been the change of leagues is lazy. It's been mechanics more than anything else that have been plaguing the Yankee right-hander and those problems with his delivery have robbed him of both his command and his raw velocity. Those problems reared their ugly head once again on Saturday as Vazquez took a drubbing at the hands of the White Sox.

  • If people ever tell you how boring baseball is compared to football, point them to this article that counts the way time is used in NFL broadcasts: 3 seconds on cheerleaders, 11 minutes of 'actual playing time,' 17 minutes of replays and 67 minutes of 'players standing around.' (For baseball, it's apparently 15-17 minutes of 'actual playing time.') I love DVR.

The only reason you're upset is Al did it... Now my boy Al gets in there and they all want to bang him. I've never heard of it (the "unwritten" rule of the mound being off limits).

You don't have as many innings (pitched) as Al has home runs. I don't even know the kid's name ... If you (Braden) had a problem you should have walked up to Al and punched him in the nose.