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Yankees 6, Rays 10

So I guess this is what happens when you allow 20 baserunners in a game. 

The Yankees bats woke up about 5 innings too late, managing a rally in the bottom of the 9th that resulted in a respectable final score, but not much else.  As usual, it seems, the game ended with runners in scoring position and the bottom of the Yankees lineup feebly hacking at pitches like one-armed senior citizens.

Bad AJ showed up tonight, but that was nothing compared to Bad Boone Logan and Bad Mark Melancon (however, since we've yet to verify that there's actually a Good Boone Logan and Good Mark Melancon, the analogy doesn't quite work). To add insult to injury (no pun intended), Marcus Thames sprained his ankle in the 6th, so the Yankees may have to get creative with their roster tomorrow.  Maybe they can run an American-Idol style vote to decide which ineffective relief pitcher should consider a career as a stopgap rightfielder.

Play of the Game: It's hard to believe, but Jason Bartlett's first inning leadoff home run actually had the biggest impact on the game's outcome (9.1%).

Quote of the Game: Goes to Lord Duggan:

..[T]he Yankees are America. And America always wins.

[If you’re reading this at home, read with gusto and voice of Stephen Colbert]