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At least Joba, Thames don't make excuses

After Tuesday night just about the only good thing you can say about Joba Chamberlain and Marcus Thames is that each guy accepted responsibility for screwing up what should have been an easy Yankee victory.

Here is Joba after being booed.

"They have a right to (boo)," Chamberlain said. "They spend their hard-earned money and I didn't do my job. I made terrible pitches. That one is on me, nobody else. We don't have to fight back if I do my job."

Here is Thames on his crucial drop.

"I was coming in and I just took my eye off the ball," Thames said. "I looked at Robbie, but I called him off, and that has to be caught. I'm a major-league player and I have to catch that ball. It cost the team the win and it sucks. There's no excuses at all."

As for Thames, that's unquestionably a ball he has to catch. I can't kill the guy, though. Fact is, he is in the big leagues because of his bat and he does not belong out there in right field. The problem isn't really Thames, it's the fact that the Yankees have no one else to put out there.