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Red Sox 7, Yankees 6: Yanks give one away

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A 5-1 lead in the eighth inning, a chance to bury the Boston Red Sox a little deeper in their own misery, and the Yankees dropped the ball. Literally. They handed a victory to Boston that the Red Sox didn't earn.

I would call it unbelievable, but it's not. It's Yankees-Red Sox, so everything is believable.

For the Yankees, Monday's heroes turned into Tuesday's goats.

Alex Rodriguez, who hit a game-tying ninth-inning home run Monday, opened the door to Boston's four-run eighth inning with a throwing error -- albeit a tough one. Marcus Thames, he of the game-winning blast Monday, inexcusably dropped a pop-up in short right field that led to the winning runs in the 9th inning. I love Thames' bat, I just wish the Yankees weren't forced to play him in the outfield, where he's awful.

I can't forget to send some blame in Joba Chamberlain's direction. Joba was awful, the A-Rod error notwithstanding. Pedestrian fastball, sloppy slider and no chance. If David Ortiz hadn't Cadillaced his way into an out at second base the Red Sox probably win the game in the eighth inning. By the way, Papi, have fun paying the fine for that beautiful job of failing to hustle.

Even Mariano Rivera did not look right Tuesday. Fresh off giving up a grand-slam Sunday, Mo took the loss Tuesday. Lots of pitches in the middle of the plate, not much more than 90 mph on the radar gun. After missing two weeks with an injured side and some inactivity forced simply by game circumstances it almost looks like Rivera is going through Spring Training again.

So, after an hour rain delay and more than four hours of baseball the Red Sox managed to find a little life. Unfortunately, it is the Yankees who resuscitated them.

[UPDATE: Since I forgot to add this last night, here is your 'Comment of the Game.' It's actually a thread about Marcus Thames defense by 'BlackandGoldSsgt' that begins here  and ends here. ]