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Yankees 11, Red Sox 9: Wow, What A Game!

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This had the makings of a very disappointing game. The Yankees were ahead most of the game, and just like yesterday, lost the lead during a streak of bad pitching. The main difference this time: The Yankee batters weren't finished. Down 9-7 in the 9th, the Yanks got a game-tying, two-run homer from Alex Rodriguez and a walk-off, two-run homer from Marcus Thames. This game will instantly become a Yankees Classic. If the Yanks lost this game, fans would have been mightily disappointed, rightfully so with the shaky relief pitching; instead, we were treated to a rollercoaster-type win.

Play of the Game: Marcus Thames' game winning two-run homerun (+43%).

Comment of the Game: DukBudr's remark about Jon Papelbon.