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Twins 6, Yankees 3, "Is That Even Legal?"

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The question in the title was asked by my brother after Jason Kubel hit a game winning grand slam off of the great one. (Mariano Rivera, not Francisco Cervelli)

The Yankees were up most of the game and seemed destined to sweep the Twins out of the Bronx. Then, in the 8th inning, Joba Chamberlain came in. Chamberlain gave up a walk and two singles (one on a misplay by Teixeira) and the Yankees brought in Rivera. Rivera walked in a run and then proceeded to shock Pinstripe Alley - and likely fans throughout baseball - by giving up a grand slam to Jason Kubel.

The Yankees did get a comeback attempt going in the bottom of the 9th, with Randy Winn and Ramiro Pena hitting back to back singles. Next, Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner, and Mark Teixeira all struck out and just like that the game was over.

Tough loss for the Yankees, as they really seemed to have it easy through the first seven innings. That's why you play all nine.

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Play of the Game: Shockingly, Jason Kubel's Grand Slam.