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Sunday News Roundup

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A few quick notes from around the league:

  • Chan Ho Park should be back on the active roster today.  No word yet who will go down.
  • The Rays cut bait on the Pat Burrell mistake and called up Hank Blalock from AAA, where he'd been raking.  The team with the best record in baseball just got better.
  • I, of course, suggested the Yanks sign Blalock back on December 15.
  • The Tigers are making the most of the Twins' struggles in the Bronx, picking up a game in the Central by beating Boston in extra.
  • But don't worry about the 4th place team in the AL East- it's third place Toronto who has a better winning percentage than any team in the other 5 divisions of baseball.  If there was ever a team that should apply to the National League, it's the Jays.
  • In a display of good sportsmanship and genuine dedication, Trey Hillman managed the Royals game on Thursday, after he'd been told he'd been let go.  He's a better man than I am.