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Tigers 6, Yankees 0: Mauled

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Call this the Shutout Series.  The Yanks bats were impotent before the power of Tiger ace Justin Verlander.  That's all there is for me to say about that.  Try to forget it and hope the bats wake up tomorrow in the Bronx.

CC was mediocre.  He gave up a tough luck run on a double followed by a ground ball in the 2nd.  He served up back to back homers in the 4th.  And then, the wheels fell off in the 6th when he allowed singles to Damon and Ordonez, followed by one of the longest doubles in the majors by Miguel Cabrera.

And that's how the Yankees dropped their second series of the season, 3 games to 1.

According to Waldman, this is the first time since 1999 that the Yanks have been shut out twice in one series.  Let's hope it's another 11 years before it happens again, because this has sucked.

Comment of the Game: longtimelistener's unwavering optimism.

Play of the Game: Cabrera's solo homer off Sabathia in the 4th boosted the Tiger's chance of victory by 10.5%.  After that, it was all just tack on.