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Yankees 8, Tigers 0

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It took 17 innings, but the Yankees' bats FINALLY woke up

Phil Hughes continued his stellar season, pitching 7 efficient innings on 101 pitches.  He got out of trouble when he needed to, like in the 2nd when he allowed a leadoff double and then struck out the side, and in the 4th when he got out of a bases-loaded, one out jam. 

On the other hand, Phil Coke came in for the Tigers and turned a close game into a not-so-close game, and reminded me why I wasn't heartbroken to see him go. 

Play of the Game: Mark Teixeira's two-out RBI single in the 3rd increased the Yankees chances of winning by nearly 10%.

Quote of the Game: Goes to jramey, talking about Ramiro Pena's season at the plate so far:

They should give Pena a handicap while hitting by tying their legs together and throwing with the opposite hand