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Tigers 2, Yankees 0

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Javy was brilliant.  7 innings of 2 run ball, dominating a potent Detroit offense. 

This was the sequence in the bottom of the 6th when the only runs of the game scored:

Liner to left; liner to right, runner move to third; ground out, run scores; ground ball single to left; ground ball single to right, run scores; ground out, double play.

The Yanks simply couldn't do anything against Rick Porcello, who got grounder after grounder, and whose defense smothered every ball in play.

We'll be back tonight for the game at 7 on ESPN.

Comment of the Game: Bronx_Booyah for a family friendly rally pic.

Play of the Game: Damon's single to put Austin Jackson on third with none out pushed the Tiger's chances of victory up 12.6%.