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Around the Yankees Galaxy 5/10/2010

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  • The Wall Street Journal suggests a plan for realignment.  Obviously, the purists are going to hate this, but they also hated divisional play, the DH, the wild card, interleague play, and when teams stopped sac bunting left and right.  Obviously, something like this will never happen, but it is a novel idea.  
  • Close to a quarter of the way through the season, River Avenue Blues takes a look at some of the top free agents the Yankees considered this past off-season (and some of the guys tied to them just because they're the Yankees).  It's early, and some, if not all of these guys should bounce back, but I'm pretty happy they all signed elsewhere, between the combination of too much money/too many years/too many birthdays.
  • I for one want to see Francisco Cervelli behind the plate and Jorge Posada as the regular DH about five days a week until Nick Johnson comes back (or until Cervelli stops hitting like this).  That's twice I've had to eat my words now - the other time was on Gardner - and I couldn't be happier about it.