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Chi Sox 7, Yankees 6

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Some days, it's not enough.
Some days, it's not enough.

Pitching, defense and hitting.

It was a day when the Yanks couldn't do quite enough of any of those things.

Javier Vazquez was bad, and he's obviously lost his manager's confidence.  Joe G. pulled Javy in the 4th after fewer than 90 pitches.  That would be the lead story except...

The defense took a huge blow when Curtis Granderson pulled his groin rounding second.

There is no defense good enough when Damaso Marte is on the mound.  Brought in to face a lefty, he allowed a huge 2 run double (charged to D-Rob).  I don't understand- an inferior pitcher who throws with the platoon split is still an inferior pitcher.

The offense couldn't solve John Danks, despite 6 hits and 3 BB in 5 IP.

Comment of the game: LongtimeListener's Sergio.

Play of the game: Marte's meatball to AJ Pierzynski.