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Pace Yourself: Looking Back at April and Ahead to May

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The old saying is "take 2 of 3 from the bad teams and play .500 against the contenders."

April ran like clockwork for the Yanks. Playing 12 games against the Rays, Red Sox and Angels, we hoped for 6-6, and the Yanks went 7-5.

Add on 8-2 against the A's, O's, Rangers and last night's win against the ChiSox, while we'd hoped for 7-3, and it's obvious the team is off to its hottest start since 1998 (shhh- there's a long way to go). Their 15 wins ties the most in April since 1955.

Looking ahead, May is another tough month for the Bombers.

The non-contenders are few and far between:

2 more games against the ChiSox, 3 against the Orioles, then the Yanks finish the month when the Indians come to the Boogie Down for 4 games.

The contenders, on the other hand:

A 3 game set at Boston followed by a 4 game stand in Detroit. The Twins come to the Bronx for 3, then the Red Sox and Rays both come for mini-series, 2 games a piece. The Yanks finish with contenders by taking a trip to Shea CitiField to meet the Mets, then on to Minnesota for their first look at Target.

So I'm asking the Yanks to go 6-3 against the non-contenders and 11-10 against the contenders. 17-13 (.566) may not seem like much after opening the season at a .682 clip, but these we have to give the opposition some credit, too.