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Best Trade Offers I've Heard in Emails

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As you guys know, my email is always open. Sometimes I get some...uhh....interesting emails. My personal favorites are trade offers that people want opinions on. Such trade offers I've received in the past include trading Alex Rodriguez and a player to be named later for Mark Buehrle, trading Kyle Farnsworth for Lastings Milledge, and trading Robinson Cano for Chad Billingsley and Andre Eithier.

Here are the best emails I have received since the start of this season (won't include authors of the emails for privacy reasons)

 Trade A: Javier Vazquez and Alfredo Aceves for Jonathan Sanchez and Todd Welleymeyer.

Trade B: Zach McAllister and Colin Curtis for Mike Pelfrey.

Trade C: Jesus Montero and Javier Vazquez for Kyle Drabeck and Scott Downs.

Trade D: Randy Winn and Austin Romine for Russell Martin and Reed Johnson.

Trade E: Nick Swisher and Romulo Sanchez for Matt Kemp.

Trade F (my personal favorite) Nick Johnson, Javier Vazquez, and Reegie Corona for Ichiro and Franklin Guttierez

Trade G (little outdated I guess) Jeff Weaver and Humberto Sanchez for Nelson Cruz.

Trade H: Robinson Cano and Jesus Montero for Chase Utley and Tyson Gillies.

Finally, the last trade, rated I for Insane: (not sure if this is even possible) Mick Kelleher, Dave Miley (AAA manager) and Javier Vazquez for Larry Bowa, Chad Billingsley, and Reed Johnson.

There ya have it folks, fans are crazier than I thought. Would you do any of these trades? Do you feel less crazy about the people suggesting trading Vazquez for Roy Oswalt? I'll send along any offers in May.