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Yanks drop series-opener to Rays, 9-3

Don't read too much into Vazquez' first game. He looked good through three, but then inexplicably lost command of his arsenal. You just can't consistently fall behind hitters in the AL East. And when he misses, he misses high - combine that with falling behind and you won't succeed. Just please take it for what it's worth: one game. CC also didn't pitch well in his first game.

But the bottom line is that David Price showed why he was the first overall draft pick in 2007. He hit 97 MPH in the first and was still touching 94 in the eighth.

Good to see NJ start to hit, but Tex has to get it going. He continues to look awful. April can't end fast enough for him.

As for Thames' near-catch in leftfield that let in two runs, I do think Gardner catches that ball. If a below-average fielder like Thames can get within inches of it, GGBG should easily catch it.

The Play of the Game was Carlos Pena's two-run shot off Vazquez in the third. It brought Tampa back from a 2-0 deficit and increased their chances of winning by 21%.

[Update 11:09 - at least Boston lost too, squandering an eighth-inning lead.]

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