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A very early assessment of the Yankees

It is silly to make assessments about the New York Yankees after just three games. That, however, is the kind of immediate gratification world we live in -- and the way Yankee fans are. After an opening night loss I know some of you had already judged certain players failures, so this morning I have to ask the question.

How do you feel about the Yankees today?

Two excellent victories over Boston followed Sunday night's season-opening disappointment. So, can we actually make any judgments?

Let me start here. I am guessing that many of you were ready to bury Chan Ho Park after he got knocked around Sunday night feel differently this morning. Three gutty shutout innings Wednesday night showed why the Yankees signed the veteran right-hander as a free agent. I think Park pitches a lot of important innings for the Yankees before it's all said and done.

How about the rest of the bullpen? A bit of a melt-down Sunday, but eight shutout innings in the two victories. Loads of quality arms in a group that will win lots of games for the Yankees this season. If Joba Chamberlain can be the Joba we saw Tuesday night then the Yankees are going to play a whole of five and six-inning games this season.

Worried about how Curtis Granderson will perform under the bright lights of the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry? A game-winning laser beam into the right-field seats off Jonathan Papelbon in the 10th inning Wednesday night provided an early answer. It says here that Granderson will end up more than justifying the Yankees decision to bring him over from Detroit and let Johnny Damon go.

Andy Pettitte barely pitched in Spring Training. Oh, and he has been babbling about retiring again. So, what does he still have in the tank? A whole lot if last night is any indication, both in terms of stuff and desire.

Can the fragile Nick Johnson help this team? I think his four walks, including a huge one during a tough at-bat Tuesday night, answered that question.

Robinson Cano in the five hole? A huge home run Wednesday night, five hits in 12 at-bats in the series and a seemingly new-found willingness to look for better pitches to hit show that Cano might have matured into a plaer ready to accept his increased responsibility.

It is too early to know how this season will turn out. The opening series in Boston, though, provided plenty of hints.

Your thoughts?