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Wheeew... Yanks win nail-biter, 6-4

Don't you know you can't do that, Joba?
Don't you know you can't do that, Joba?

It came down to the last batter again, but in reverse, as the Yanks held on to a two-run lead.

Neither Burnett nor Lester were especially good. Each lasted five frames and gave up four runs (only three earned for A.J.). Both teams, as usual, made the pitchers work: they threw exactly 94 pitches each (with Burnett actually having a higher strike %).

The hero(es) of this game were really the Yankee relievers, who totally shut down Boston's lineup: 4 ip, 0 r, 2 h, 0 bb, 3 k. Aceves threw two, D-Rob came in and promptly gave up a hit, Marte recorded an error and an out, but was bailed out by Joba, who struck out Adrian Beltre and J.D. Drew in succession. Mo closed out the game after allowing a hit to Marco Scutaro by retiring 'Smeagol' on one pitch.

Play of the Game: Nick Johnson's two-out, bases-loaded walk. It upped the Yankees' chances of winning by 21%. It's so refreshing to see a patient hitter like him come up to the plate without a hint of pressure and not swing at pitches out of the zone. It seems that just knowing NJ is at the plate puts pressure on hurlers, which actually seems to cause more walks. His OBP after two games: .500.

Comment of the Game: 'incoltswetrust', for his line about Cano and 'protection.' (Honorable mention to 'Jipeon' for his invention of 'Smeagol' as a nickname for Pedroia.)