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Thames in Left, Granderson Hitting Ninth: I don't Like It

I first saw it here, but Free Bradshaw did post a Fanpost about it before I wrote this, so give him props. Marcus Thames is in the line-up hitting 8th and Granderson is hitting 9th tonight. Definite overmanaging by Girardi, as Thames hits .256 against lefties in his career, while Gardner hits .238. Maybe it's because Thames is 1-2 vs. Lester with 1 HR 2 RBI? Gardner has never faced Lester, surprisingly. This is a pretty unnecessary move that really shouldn't have much of an affect on tonight's game. Girardi might be messing with Granderson's head a little by hitting him 9th, as he might get the thought that one bad game will put him in the doghouse. This is basically overmanaging by Girardi, but we'll see how it pans out. Shouldn't mean much, but worth posting at least.