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Tonight's Game is More Important

Overall, each baseball game is equal in importance. Each counts as one out of 162. In reality, however, tonights game is of more importance to the future mindset of the Yankees compared to two nights ago's game. Last night CC Sabathia struggled, the bullpen struggled, and the Yankees lost. Tonight the Yankees have a lot of interesting things to look at.

Among the things the Yankees will have to see tonight are Gardner and Granderson facing lefties (Gardner was almost platooned to be only against righties despite his better numbers against lefties, Granderson is known for struggling against lefties) A.J. Burnett pitching at Fenway Park, Jorge Posada catching A.J. Burnett, how the Yankees bounce back after a loss to their arch-rivals, how the bullpen bounces back after a tough performance, and does Joe Girardi go back to Park or Joba in a tight situation? (My guess is yes)

The fact is the Yankees will learn more about themselves tonight compared to two nights ago. Two nights ago the Yankees lost "opening night" which is in reality equal to the rest of the games, just hyped up by the fans (rightfully so) Tonights game is equal for the present, but it should tell the Yankees a bit about their future. Don't take this game too seriously and act like if everything goes wrong the season is over, because that isn't true. Should be an interesting watch.