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On the Bright Side

I saw several things to like in last night's game:

  • I enjoyed Brett Gardner's Swisher impersonation- working a 3-2 count and fouling off a couple close pitches before slapping a liner into left-center.
  • While I would have liked to see Jeter take a few more pitches, it's hard to argue with two hits in the season opener.
  • The double steal was fun to watch, and showed another dynamic for the team.
  • It's easy to complain about the defense on the corners (GGBG's throw, Swisher's non-route to the Youk liner), Granderson looked good in center.  He had a bad jump on one long out that came straight at him, and he wound up leaping for.  But I'll forgive that because the one hit right at you is the toughest to judge.  On the other hand, Granderson's arm looks great.  He threw a couple of on-target lasers.