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Four RBI for Jeter in 6-4 comeback win

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Home-cookin' is nice. After one frame, this looked to be "just not Pettitte's night." Two bloopers and first-row homer put the Yanks in a three-run hole one out into the game.

Derek Jeter was the hero of this game, driving in four runs and coming within a double of the cycle.

This was Pettitte's worst game of the season (6 ip, 4 er), so that should tell you how great he's been so far. The first inning was more about bad luck, but he he still had trouble getting ahead of batters and being efficient.

Also of note, Donny Lucy should have been called out for running out of the baseline in the second inning (which led to Chicago's fourth run). He was a good six-feet from the baseline, and as rule 7.08 says:

Any runner is out when --
(a) (1) He runs more than three feet away from his baseline to avoid being tagged...

(PS: What the hell was that fan in rightfield thinking? Does no one remember Steve Bartman? Swisher had a decent shot at catching that ball.)

Play of the Game: Jeet's seventh-inning, two-run triple off Matt Thornton (+26%).

Comment of the Game: Lord Duggan