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Ed Whitson -- yes, Ed Whitson -- offers Vazquez advice

Let's pray it never gets as bad for Javier Vazquez in New York as it got for Ed Whitson, probably the most ill-fitting New York Yankee of all time. Bar-room brawls with the manager, unmerciful booing and death threats.

Writing for ESPN New York Ian O'Connor has a great interview with Whitson recounting his New York experience and offering Vazquez some encouragement.

"I was impressed with him in Atlanta," Whitson said. "He's got great stuff, and when he's relaxed and has his confidence under his belt, that boy can be nasty.

"He's got all the tools it takes to pitch in New York if they'll just give him a little breathing room. Right now his confidence looks really low, just like mine was."

"I would tell Vazquez I've been there," Whitson said. "I'd tell him to forget about everything people are saying and just throw the damn ball like you threw it in Atlanta. I'd tell him you can't make every pitch perfect, because only God himself can do that."