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The Burnett Show

Robbie Cano had a great game today.  A pair of solo homers, a double, an incredible defensive play.

But this was perhaps AJ's best game as a Yankee.

8.0 IP 3H 1BB 4K 0ER.

The Yanks spend another day chasing the Rays, who shellacked the Royals.  But it's a day of only positives.  In the first, after a Jeter single, followed by a Tex double, Arod lofted a sac fly that gave the Yanks the biggest lead they would need for the night.

For me, the big story is mission accomplished on the series win.  The starting pitching continues to roll, although the bullpen has me a little nervous.

Comment of the Game: YankeesRock's observation on the mind altering quality of curveballs.

Play(s) of the Game: You want to know why AJ is the player of the game for me, despite Cano's heroics?  AJ was the Yankee involved with all 3 of the Yanks' biggest plays of the evening. Getting Tejada to fly out to center in the 6th with runners on 1st and 3rd helped the Yanks' chances .60; the other two outs of the 6th round out the top three- really the only strong challenge the O's mounted all night.