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Back to Javy

A thought from Brilliant Reader phonty:

But the sky is not falling. I don’t recall all this hate for Sabathia with his slow start last April after signing a ginormous contract (no doubt to match his food appetite).

CC Sabathia, through 4 games in 2009:

24.1IP, 4.81 ERA, opponents hit .269/.373/.366

Javy Vazquez, in 2010:

20.0 IP, 9.00 ERA, opponents hit .309/.398/.580

I thought it was an cogent comment, and it was one I started to give a +1 to, but the numbers just don't bear it out.

So I thought up another comparision.

CM Wang, through 4 games in 2009:

9.0 IP, 25.00 ERA, opponents hit .569/.617/.922

Looked at this way, Javy is more the middle ground of suckitude, rather than the all-time leader.

Joba could be available, but brass made noise about him spending the season in the pen. Mitre didn't do much to commend himself in his appearance yesterday, but he's now on pace to start May 1 if called. Ivan Nova has been brilliant in AAA (4 starts, 24IP, 18H+8BB, 25K).