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Angels 8, Yankees 4: Limping Out of Anaheim

I'm trying to fight off the feeling that Joe G managed the Yankees out of the game today.

Marcus Thames got the start in left, as GGBG sat against another lefty.  Marcus misplayed a fly ball into a 2 run single in the 4th.  A third run scored on a grounder that otherwise would have been the third out of the inning.

So Fire Girardi.  What is it that convinces Joe G that Gardner can't play every day?  Is it that he's second to Robbie Cano in BA?  Was it his multi-hit game yesterday?  Is it the fact that he could lay down a bunt against any pitcher and beat it the play to first?  Is it that Gardner is capable of playing game changing defense?

Javy Vazquez was lousy, but he was let down by his defense, too.  He threw only 80 pitches before Joe G pulled him in favor of Boone Logan.

Scott Kazmir was only marginally better than Javy, but the Yanks couldn't do anything against the Angels pen.

If only I could say the same about the Yankees pen.  But Damaso Marte is looking like Damaso Marte again.

Let's look at the full sequence of events though:

Alfredo Aceves has retired 5 consecutive batters, 4 righties and a switch hitter who batted lefty.  Rather than let him continue to roll against Abreu and Hunter, Joe G goes to the Magic Matchup Book and pulls out the recipe for suck.  So Marte faces the lefty Abreu and walks him on 5 pitches.  Marte then hits Torii Hunter.  Incredibly, he gets Matsui to ground out, but then the Yanks start stalling.

Cervelli apparently got crossed up and started to intentionally walk Kendry Morales with runners on first and second.  There's a meeting on the mound.  Marte steps off the rubber.  Another meeting.  Marte throws a ball and Hunter steals third.  Then on 3-0, Marte lays in a meatball that Morales murders.

Was D-rob not ready?  Since Matsui hits lefties as well as he hits righties, why leave Marte in after he walks Abreu?

Play of the Game: Easily Brandon Wood's "double" that should have been an error on Thames and advance to second on the throw.  Swung the game 19.4% in the Angels' favor.

The Comment of the Game: FreeBradshaw's evaluation of Marcus Thames' defense.

The Yanks drop their first series of the season, go to the White House tomorrow, then on to face the Orioles.

The Red Sox lost, the Rays won.