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Should the Yankees Trade Jesus Montero?

Once you read the title of this article, I know what you were thinking. Is Brandon out of his mind? Brandon to teh pen! He shouldn't write for PA anymore! Before we go to any harsh measures, just simply read the remainder of this piece. This is an opinion piece. An opinion meaning there is no right answer. I only start out this article this way because I know the consequences behind writing a post such as this one. It's the piece that no one really wants to hear or read, but apparently some people feel this way.

I personally do not think the Yankees should trade Jesus Montero. The only way I consider it is if the Yankees are in major need of a position upgrade and the team will only accept Montero in the trade. Even then, I am very reluctant. Scouts, on the other hand, are much less reluctant. I have a few friends in the baseball industry that got me connected to officials from other MLB teams and AAA teams. I am not allowed to reveal my sources or even discuss the ranks of these officials, but I assure you they are not meaningless scrubs within their organizations

Official A: Jesus Montero will have a great baseball career, but I can 100% guarantee you that career will not be at the catchers position. If the Yankees keep him he will hog up the DH spot for the next decade.

Official B: Jesus is a special talent, but does not have the necessary attributes to be a mainstay in the Bronx at his position. Fans will be frustrated fast and will see teams run all over the Venezuelan catcher. I suggest they either trade him immediately for a high value player at another position or switch his position if he can do it.

Official C: I can imagine Jesus Montero winning a lot of awards with the Yankees. A lot. He will be the best catcher in the MLB in his prime, but the main question is is can he field? I'd like to see more out of him in AAA, but as of now judging by his entire resume in the minors so far he is lacking in defensive talent. I do suggest that the Yankees have Chad Moeller spend as much time as possible training Montero, even pay him extra if they have to. If not, maybe trade Montero for a top pitching prospect, as the Yankees have Romine, Sanchez, and Murray in the minors.

Those are three high ranking officials, all agreeing that Montero won't be a catcher in the MLB. Do I agree? I really don't know. I'd like to see them try to have him play there, but I fear that if they do that and he fails at the position it will be too late to have him switch. Do you mind him at DH for the next decade, or would you deal with the poor defense, or trade him for a top prospect at another position? What are your thoughts?