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Joba to the pen! (Joba blows game in 6-4 loss)

A hanging slider was the difference in this match. Joba hung one to Kendry Morales who deposited it behind the right field wall.

Burnett and Santana each pitched decent enough for this to become a battle of the bullpens. The Yankees just couldn't do anything against Anaheim's struggling pen.

Tex's shoulder tackle of Bobby Wilson was, in my opinion, uncalled for. He would've been safe easily had he slid. Of course, he may have been thinking of the HBP that enabled him to reach base; Anaheim's reaction - basically Torii Hunter running into Tex down the firstbase line - was childish. (And I can't help but think of the time Elliot Johnson ran over Frankie Cervelli in a totally meaningless game, costing him half a season.)

Update: for what it's worth, Tex checked up on Wilson.

This is the Yanks first two-game losing streak. May it end tomorrow/today.

Play of the Game: Morales' two-run shot off Joba (-25%).

Comment of the Game: mrljdavid