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First inning blues: 3-run bomb is all Oakland needs

CC just doesn't have it against Oakland. Of all the teams he's faced more than 10 times, none have hit CC harder (5.80 ERA in 18 games before today). Yet, outside of the first, CC was nearly flawless. Unfortunately it took a three-run homer (after two walks) to get him 'right.'

Kurt Suzuki is a legitimate Yankee-killer. His three-run bomb in the first was enough for Dallas Braden (who held the Yanks under three runs for the first time all year). Again, among teams Suzuki's faced more than 10 times, he hasn't hit any team better than the Yanks (.979 OPS).

The Yankees turned their first triple play since 1968. I guess that was the highlight of this otherwise disheartening game (I say that because there's little more frustrating than watching your best pitcher get tagged for three in the first, dominate the rest of the way, but see the offense sputter for nine innings).

Play of the Game: No debate over this one - Suzuki's homer (18%).

Comment of the Game: long time listener