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Last night belonged to Phil Hughes, who didn't allow a hit until the 8th inning.  He relied on his fastball, which lived in the mid-90s with movement.  He commanded all four corners.

For the second time in his career, the 23 year old took a no-hitter into the late innings.  He set a career high for Ks (10).

What I find fascinating is that Hughes never went to his change.  Watching on TV, I thought I saw a couple changes, but apparently I was wrong.  This follows the Mariano Rivera school of thought: if you can't hit my best pitch, why should I let you beat me on my third best?

The change is there when Hughes needs it.  Hitters have to have it in the back of their minds. 

His first fastball came in at 93 with a 4" break.  His velocity dropped as the night went on, but the movement did not.  His curve was unfair: his last curve came in with 15" of break.

This is the guy who was the top prospect in baseball only a couple years ago.  This is the guy who has to be in the rotation.  And the rest of baseball should be very afraid of the Yankees right now.

[update: Hughes averaged 92.6 MPH and maxed out at 94.1.]