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Yankees 3, A's 1 - Phil's dominance

I really don't know what to say about Hughes' performance tonight.  He painted the corners, attacked the zone, pitched to contact when he needed to, and put together the best start of his career. 

In the 8th inning, Hughes gave up a cheap single to Eric Chavez to break up the no-no, and then walked Gabe Gross after a tough 9-pitch at-bat.  Joba came in and couldn't keep the A's off the board, giving up a run on what was really the only ball the A's hit hard all night.  But he did shut the door, eventually, opening the door for Mo, who, despite posting a rare shaky appearance, got the job done.

Comment of the game - "17 Straight A's?  Phil Hughes is a smart guy!" by Edgware.

Play of the game - It wasn't exciting, but the groundout to first to end the bottom of the 8th saved the lead and killed the only rally the A's mounted.

Fun Fact - The Yankees now lead the American League in triples.