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Around the Yankees Galaxy 4/19/10 - Off day thoughts

We're 9-3!  I bet it's all these pitching changes.
We're 9-3! I bet it's all these pitching changes.
  • So where to begin?  The Yankees are 9-3 through their first 12 games, with all of their games so far coming against teams that are likely to finish the season over .500.  And now they're about to hit a relatively easy stretch of the schedule, with 12 of their next 15 games against the Orioles, A's, and White Sox.  This is definitely the way to start a season off. 
  • Looks like the Captain will be back in action against Oakland on Tuesday night.

Though initial speculation was that New York would give up (Soriano) a pitching prospect (for A-Rod) baseball sources say the five-man list contains four hitters, including outfielder Rudy Guillen, shortstop Joaquin Arias and second baseman Robinson Cano, as well as righthander Ramon Ramirez.

Ouch.  Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. 

  • It's still early, but it looks like IPK's struggles are continuing out in the NL west.
  • It's About The Money takes a look at the new market inefficiencies the Red Sox and Theo Epstein are looking to exploit.

On average, the Yankees' 2009 gate receipts for a seven game home series were greater than the Pirates gate receipts for the entire year.

Complain about financial disparity all you want, but there's a reason that two and half times more people are willing to pay four and a half times more money to go to a Yankees game instead of a Pirates game