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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Going for the sweep

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This is the first year the Yankees have won their first four series since 1926. As ESPN likes to point out, the Yanks won the pennant in '26, so they must be on their way to the World Series. I remember my Red Sox-fan cousin told me last year how the last time the Sox had started 8-0 vs. the Yanks, they won the 1912 World Series. I told him how 1912 had so much to do with 2009. Nevertheless, it's hard to believe it's been that long, with all the winning seasons between then and now.

  • We haven't touched on it yet, but Chan Ho was DL'ed with a hamstring strain. Southpaw Boone Logan was recalled from Scranton to take his spot.
  • There was a long-ish game last night. FYI, the longest game in Yankees history occurred on June 24, 1962, when the Yanks topped the Tigers 9-7 in 22 innings. Detroit's starter went only two frames while the Yanks starter (Bob Turley) lasted just one out.
  • Randy Winn experienced his first roll-call on Friday. Despite his anxiety, he turned in a valiant effort by saluting the crowd with his glove. Winn is also the longest tenured MLer (1600+ games) to never play in the postseason. Hopefully that changes this year.
  • Javy Vazquez is getting booed despite having pitched just twice. Yes, he's been bad, but it's all about the memories of 2004 - and that's rather silly considering it happened six years ago.