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Yankees 7, Rangers 3: Dominance


In which the author was absent, but liked what he heard.

I was in the car today, but from the very little Sterling and Waldman were willing to share about the on-field action, it sounded good.

Jeter and Gardner led the offense with 3 hits a piece.  Arod and Tex showed signs of life, each driving in a run.

AJ Burnett showed more than just signs of life, rolling through 7 scoreless inning with 6 hits and 2 BB against 7K.  The Rangers' offense is making our pitching look very good.

The only point of concern for me is Alfredo Aceves, who recorded only one out in the 8th inning, walked Vlad Guerrero(!) and served up a home run Nelson Cruz that almost made a Saturday laugher back into a ball game.

Marte and Joba shut down the rally and closed out the game.

With the 4th series of the year won, the Yanks go for the sweep tomorrow.

Play of the Game: NJ's bases-full walk to give the Yanks a 1-0 lead (+10%).

Comment of the Game: Lord Duggan