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Most Underrated Player in Baseball?

The dictionary definition of underrated is underestimated. Underappreciated, not touted highly enough. There are many players in baseball that we deem "underrated," but normally it is difficult for a player to be universally considered underrated, considering if they are that makes them rated correctly. Think that made sense....

Anyway, who would you consider the most underrated player in baseball? Yankees are NOT allowed in this subject, considering the bias involved.

Please suggest a player in the comments. Each player suggested enters the field. If you agree with someone or think that player is underrated give the comment a +1 or a rec. The top 4 players will enter a poll next week and from there we will vote on the most underrated player in baseball. Yankees are not allowed. So send along some comments and give some recs peoples!

[edit. note: comments will close about 10 p.m. tonight]