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New York Yankee notes and observations

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Just a handful of New York Yankees notes and observations this morning.

  • Was I the only one surprised to see Phil Hughes start the 6th inning Thursday night? I had no problem with the Yankees stretching Hughes to a career-high 108 pitches -- it's a sign they are not going to baby him -- I just did not expect it.
  • So far, so good with Robinson Cano in the five spot protecting Alex Rodriguez. Cano hit two home runs last night, and was thrilled by the timing. It's only nine games, but Cano sure looks like a guy who is headed toward a huge season.
  • Chan Ho Park has a hamstring problem
  • Mariano Rivera only had to get one out Thursday night. That, however, is two games Rivera has had to enter already where Manager Joe Girardi tried not to use him in the 9th inning. You have to hope that is a trend that does not continue.
  • When Curtis Granderson tripled to right-center last night I laughed out loud at the complete lack of effort by Angels right fielder Bobby Abreu to go after the ball. We saw that too many times when Abreu was in New York.